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Laurel Heights

Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall Buddy read with Bev, May 2013. Had a lot of fun second time around!

Okay, so after just finishing this for the second time, officially, I am pleased to say it's just as good this time around. I am in love with Will and Scott, this book and the majority of the characters. I'm not sure when the sequel is out, but it will go to the top of my list when the date is given. After reading this I am left with a lot of nice happy thoughts. Trying to review this well will be hard.

Will and Scott hate each other. Or do they? On the outside both MC's portray the bickering colleagues. But inside Scott will admit he has a massive crush on Will. For Will, he thinks he hates the man. Both are gay, but in the closet. They snap and bitch at each other constantly. Then they're asked to work undercover together in a gay community. The we get the array of lovely pet names, sweetums, hunnybun, pumpkin, sweet cheeks and honey to name just a few. I will admit I laughed my ass off.

During the case we get a lot of clues, some not so subtle and others were sort-of-but-not-really subtle. Everyone had their opinions, and knowing who it was this time, my mind went to, I should have known straight away. Will and Scott do a good job of winding each other up, even when they're working on the case. If it wasn't for Julie and Grace, they would have lost their jobs ages before anything was solved.They were my two favourite secondary characters.

Of course they get together just before the shit hits the fan. I loved the fact the author did that. I'm not a fan of everything happening at the very end. The romance was a big aspect as well as the crime. I felt so bad for poor Todd. I just wanted to put him in my pocket. Then we had Jay! Who I wanted to kill and make him pay for all the pain and suffering he caused.

The epilogue is a killer. We had the coming out in a fabulous way. Scott kissing will in front of their colleagues. And then we had the epilogue.It was a killer! One thing I will say. The sort of obvious choice for the new bad guy was David. But in another way you could say any of them would be obvious. There are so many ways that have been done it's hard to say. David is the front runner. He is a good choice too. But in the same respect Brent or Cal could be the bad guy either. Hell, it could be a new character. All of it has happened.

"I came from a strict Catholic family, which in itself
wasn't the problem. The problem was the fact that my
father was the biggest bigot in the state. It wasn't just gays.
Hell, Paul Turner hated everybody, blacks, Hispanics,
Puerto Ricans, the Irish, but he had a special dislike for
what he liked to call ass-loving abominations of God.

Apparently Paul Turner would not have liked me. Do I look bothered?

Overall, this has become one of my favourite books of all time. It was my first by the author not my last. And it really got me into cops. I would highly recommend it to people who want hot sex, a good mystery/thriller, and a great overall story.