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The Substitute

The Substitute - Tionne Rogers I hated this book and yet I loved it enough to give it 5 stars.

This book was... I am having a hard time, even after such a long period of nothing to describe this book. It was brutal! I have never, ever read a book like this before and the fact there are sequels have kind of made me stop and wonder about my sanity. There is so much to say about this book and I am not the person to take advice from. I will warn you that this book has an ability to destroy you. I have actually regretted reading this book.

For 500 pages I was put through so much and I came out the other end raw and disturbed. My first warning about this book would be that there is abuse. Horrible, disgusting abuse. My head was telling me that I should not love this book and yet my heart and my darker side enjoyed this book immensely. It's disturbing me to say I enjoyed it. It's not my usual sap and comfort read. This is powerful and sick!

There was a huge age difference and a lot of lies and deceit in this book. Konrad was an almost evil man, I hated him, I loved him and I felt sorry for him in many ways. It left me with a blank feeling when I would read a scene where he was abusing Guntram. I wanted to murder the man, but he was different to most of my hated characters. I will never understand how.

Guntram, how can I describe this man? He was a boy who was too innocent and naive to know what he was getting himself in for and it was sad to see him enter such a violent, unfriendly world. But I hated him too, he was weak and left me frustrated much like Konrad and he pissed me off just as much. His character though was safer to like and safer to connect to. Even during the good moments I knew none of it would last.

This book has two MC's that cannot speak very good English. In fact none of them were the greatest, that appealed to me though. There were many things that appealed to me and in a sad way that was why it destroyed me the way it did. I never wanted to read a book like this and love it, I never thought I could. But, it happened and I cannot say I'm happy about it.

For me to tell you that this book is a lovely romance would be wrong. This book had a violent relationship built on abuse and lies. If you have issues with this book like I normally do, stay away. I would not like to see people read this because they want a flowery romance with some angst. Nothing I have read compares to this. It's more unique than I care to admit.

With that I leave you with this. It's a long, tough and brutal. I want to say more and I can't. This book was such a sick read and I have actually shocked myself by reading it. Leave with the warning that this book would murder you!

Cannot recommend it, but can tell you if willing you should give it a shot!