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On Fire

On Fire  - Drew Zachary This book is HOT!

I'm not sure if saying I loved this book is good enough. I am a huge fan of firemen especially hot ones and this one was no exception. The title fits just perfectly because this book was on fire! It was one of the hottest, sexiest books I have ever read and normally a book with all sex would be an issue, but this had a plot incorporated into the story.

Sam is a young kid in the beginning and Robert, well he's not an old man, but there was an age difference. Robert is only 8 years younger than Sam's dad. None of that was much of an issue, it came up, but it wasn't something the MC's brought up constantly. I was surprised, but happy that it was the case. This book had some good humor in there... I enjoyed Sam's little quirk he can come so many times!!!

At first glance this book may not strike you as being that good. To be honest it starts off with sex, and that is a recurring thing. But we had some good possessiveness, a few laughs and a lovely first I love you scene. There is also a bit of a fetish here a fireman fetish which made me giggle more than once. Then we had Sam's dad. Enough said about him and Robert.

It's not very often I can say a book ticked so many boxes for me. I like hot books, but those books need to have some plot, this did. I like age differences done well, this had that. I adore some humor and this had that at times when it was funny and actually made me giggle. Plus I love a man in uniform. So, my boxes were ticked.

I really think people should give this a go. It is worth a read even if you don't fall in love with it.