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On Fire II: Still Burning

On Fire II: Still Burning  - Drew Zachary Amazing sequel. I loved reading more of these hot boys!

Catching up with some of my favourite characters is always a pleasure for me. When I love a couple as much as I loved Sam and Robert that is definitely not a problem, it can be very hot, actually. Sequels can go wrong, but with a couple like this, that I love this much, I don't actually care about that. Again, this book was on fire! And again, I fell in love.

Sam and Robert are more "grown up" here. We see a lot of the same, lovable couple that we met in the first book, but now we see some issues they are facing. Like a bitch I wanted to slap across the face. Anyway, both characters have jobs, they live together and everyone knows who they are, which is not always a good thing. Some minor issues in their relationship, but nothing major. Apart from the wife of a colleague of Roberts who was homophobic to Sam.

There was a proposal, and a couple of parties, a lot of hot sex and that couple I just have to love. We had the funny moments, some serious scenes and just a whole lot of wonderful love from Robert and Sam. This book was probably more real than the first, but I didn't mind that much or at all. I was just happy to have this chance, not every great book has a sequel.

So for fans of the first book, this is a must for afterwards. We will get a lovely catch up and something we don't always get, a nice solid HEA. I am so happy with this series and even though this gives us a HEA, I still want another one... Maybe?