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Ink - Sarah Goodwin, Victoria Moule Oh wow this story was really emotional and very sad in a lot of ways. The book is well written and has a very powerful story in it. I have to say I loved the story, it felt weird to root for the couple it really did. The author drew me in though and she kept the story interesting through out the entire book. If I said the story was beautiful it might sound strange considering what its about, but saying that the way it is told makes it easy to feel for the characters and love them. Daniel was my favourite character consistently he was a good big brother and I really felt sorry for him. Eli was a complex character and it was hard to know how I felt about him. About half way through I fell in love with him. The secondary characters were great, all except for Mitchell and Brian. Even when Mitchell was dying I hated him. A great book and an excellent read, recommend it to anyone who would not find it too creepy.