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Change of Heart

Change of Heart - Mary Calmes Honestly, every time I read a Mary Calmes book I finish the book with a happy feeling. She knows how to cover a lot of things but she never goes overboard or anything with them. So I never have to worry about a possessive guy (my favorite kind) being a complete stalker and I never have to worry that the angst in a book will overwhelm me and take away from my enjoyment of one of her books.

Change of heart was an amazing read! I loved almost all of the characters and I especially loved Jin. He was a really good protagonist and his relationships with Logan and Crane were really fun to read. I liked that he wasn't completely alone and he already had someone close to him and he didn't just go from having no one to having a whole family. That was something a bit different, I guess. I also liked that he was a bit stubborn, it was nice to see him standing up for himself and his man. And I was cheering when he stepped in and did his best to protect Logan. Logan was the character I wondered about at times. MC has a thing for possessive heroes. Logan, for me, was more like Sam than Rand. I found myself struggling with him at times, but overall I really loved him with Jin, so it wasn't a huge issue.

Another thing I really liked about the book was the shifter element. It was a slight bit different from the normal shifter stories I've read, but it also wasn't. Kinda strange, I know. But I don't think I've read many (if any) stories with panther shifters, so that was a nice change. But I also liked that the mate thing wasn't the same as others. A lot of the time you have fated mates, which I love, don't get me wrong, but it can be nice to see that not all shifters have fated mates. Like this book right here. And then there was the fact it was Jin that knew more about shifter laws than Logan that really sealed the deal on that for me.

So overall, I would say if you like Mary Calmes, you will probably like this. It's not my absolute favorite of hers, but it is really damn close and I am so glad I finally found the time to read it.