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Fair Game

Fair Game - Josh Lanyon This book is getting a sequel! Hallelujah!

Because this is my favourite Josh Lanyon book so far, I feel like I must write a review for this. But I am unable to write something that would sum up my feelings for this one. I read it before I reviewed books. Back then I was unsure of what I liked or didn't like in m/m. But I soon found this was the epitome of what I love in an m/m thriller. It was also what I love in second chance stories. There was just something beautiful about this book and the writing that I couldn't fault.

Elliot, a former fbi agent turned teacher, is asked to do a favor for by his dad. The son of his friends is missing and they want him to snoop around and try to figure out what happened to him. Little does he know the person in charge of the case is also his ex lover, Tucker. Things did not end well between the two, so things are strained when they meet again.

I was impressed from the minute I started reading. Lanyon is a hit or miss for me, and normally I can tell quite quickly one way or the other. Well, I can honestly say I knew pretty much straight away that this was going to be good. The chemistry between Elliot and Tucker was instant for me. I felt them early on - which doesn't always happen. They had great dialogue going and it was nice to see two mc's who didn't piss me off reunite after a breakup. Yes, that happens a lot.

It was easy enough for me to get sucked in to the case and the romance. Again, not something that happens very often. Normally, I am interested in one or the other. Very unusual for it to be both. So I applaud Lanyon for that. He can write amazing mystery/thriller plots. And he is definitely the king of crime stories.

Elliot, for me, was a very strong character. And to be honest, so was Tucker. Neither of them were over the top in their actions. They were believable. I rooted for them as individual characters and as a couple. I didn't find myself wanting either of them out of the picture. Even when I found out why they broke up, which was kinda stupid, but anyway... They were flawed in many ways, but they were hot together. From the first on-page kiss, to the sex. It was all believable, and enough to make me want them more.


Overall, this is definitely Lanyon's best novel for me. It not only captivated me. But his characters were superb and lovable, while the writing was beautiful. Definitely recommended to both Lanyon and non-Lanyon which there aren't many fans. You will not be disappointed at all.