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Foxe Tail

Foxe Tail - Haley Walsh I loved this book, it was funny and interesting and really cheesy all rolled into one. The funny thing is I am not a cheesy person, but when a good book comes out, I love cheesy. Its really funny but I guess in a lot of ways I am an old romantic. Skyler is a really fun character, I loved him and was annoyed with him some times. He is a different MC. But that is part of his charm.

Its funny how much as a character Skyler frustrates me. He was always going to be an up and down character for me. The story itself is really good. I love mystery and this satisfied a craving I have for mystery in a book. It was just the right amount and the whole thing with a gay teacher who cannot help but investigate is funny to me and quite enjoyable.

One thing I love about this book is the humor. This book is funny as hell in places and I love the way such a normally serious book can do humor easily. Its a great contrast. I have always loved books that can both entertain me and keep me guessing at the same time. Not many books can but this did.

Haley Walsh has written a really good beginning to an amazing series. I think she is really great at this and is a great author. This book is a must read for me. :)