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Foxe Hunt

Foxe Hunt - Haley Walsh This was another amazing book by the incredible Haley Walsh. I love what she does with these books and I am always looking forward to reading them. I have always been a huge fan of books like these but this has something most others don't. Its not just an mm romance its a mystery novel, a very good one at that. It keeps readers interested.

I will admit Skyler can frustrate me at times, but to me it is all apart of his charm. Keith is hot, he just seems so mysterious and secretive. I love that about him, and my suspicions about him were confirmed in this book. I always love when I am right.

In this book we got deeper into the mystery surrounding these characters. To me it feels like they attract trouble, Skyler especially. That is one of the funny things about this series. He always goes looking for trouble, even if sometimes he does not realize it but he does. His fried Sydney I do not know how she has not done him in before. To be honest I would have years ago.

I cannot wait until there are more and more of these books. I have read the first two about three times so far and I cannot get enough of them. I will always look out for Haley Walsh books when this series finishes. I hope that wont be for a while yet though. :)