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Acrobat - Mary Calmes This book was hot hot hot. There is no better way to describe it for me. I am a huge Mary Calmes fan and this book is one of many of hers that I just love. No matter how many times I read it that does not change. Its not only her stories I love, but her characters as well. Just the combination works for me.

Nate, was a well written important character in this book. He was the narrator and the person who was in every part of this book. I loved his insecurities and his ability to make everybody love him. He was an older character which was nice, because most characters in mm romances are under the age of forty. He was the hottest older character I have ever read about. The way Nate changed all his rules for Dero told me he really and truly loved him. As far as characters go, you could not have paired him with a better character. They were perfect as a couple and separately.

Dero, was just a very hot character. He was possessive, sexy, driven and lovable. I felt sorry for him at points and then I would just want to tear his clothes off myself. His accent, I swear I could hear it. And then I would get very excited and smile like a child in a sweet shop. It was incredible. Dero, was his nephew's guardian after his sister died. I loved that and the way he looked after him, it just melted my heart.

The secondary characters were very impressive. I loved Micheal and Melissa. They brought extra humor to the book, and it needed it at some stages in this book. It was amazing to see the ex's that were still best friends. And the fact they have the history and are still close was amazing.

I will have to mark this as a must read for people. It hot and sweet and funny. All while having a great story and amazing characters that will just warm your heart. :)