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The Curtis Reincarnation

The Curtis Reincarnation - Zathyn Priest The Curtis Reincarnation was my first Zathyn Priest book. Normally I don’t fall in love with an author from one book. But this my friends was the exception to that rule. I didn’t just fall in love. Hell, no. I fell into obsession with this book and its characters. It might sound a bit juvenile, but it’s the honest to God truth. I’m not so sure how you would describe it, but here goes.

I found myself starting off enjoying this. You meet Jordan and Bec, who are brother and sister. They are Australians who moved to the UK. Bec has an obsession with Tyler Curtis and wants to go to one of his concerts. But is afraid to bring a friend in case he fancies her instead of Bec. So Jordan, the older brother is asked. He is not a fan nor is he interested in going. But Bec does convince him to go albeit reluctantly and there he meets the infamous Tyler Curtis.

Alec, aka. Tyler Curtis is not what Jordan was expecting. I laughed during their first meeting so many times. It was both funny and sweet with the awkwardness and left me smiling through those few pages on my kindle. Jordan, being openly gay ends up saying a few things that Alec takes as come on’s. In a roundabout way, they are. But Jordan is not quite as forward as Alec takes him for, even though he did say a few things that could be seen as being very forward. If you catch my drift. Neither man really know the other, but that soon changes.

That first night they kiss. It doesn’t go much farther than that, but it’s the beginning of something really beautiful. We learn a lot about Alec. His father, the man who sounded like such a loving and caring man. The mother who abandoned him and Frank, the asshole manager. Alec is epileptic. That was something that could have gone so horribly wrong in the story. Some authors (experienced or not) can mess up serious topics. But Zathyn does a wonderful job at portraying Alec.

The interactions with Bec brought some humour. Humour was the one thing this book needed. It has the ability to rip your heart out and feed it to you, but it’s also beautiful and funny. I found it hard to read at times and then I would find myself wanting more. Not in a bad way, the book wasn’t lacking in anything. It was just so good. I felt the need to read more. A couple of scenes in particular broke my heart. The one where Jordan was at Alec’s bedside was just… I have no real words for that one, and I am not an emotional person normally, but some books just have a strong hold on me.

To sum up my feelings on this book would be really hard. It’s emotional, sure. But it’s also funny and witty. It’s not a depressing book that will make you feel like you just read something that was… Meh. It had emotion and a beautiful love story with two well thought out protagonists. The secondary characters tied into the story and made it what this was.

I highly recommend this book to all fans of the author and of mm romance. This is just one of those books that will stay with you.