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The Christmas Throwaway

The Christmas Throwaway - R.J. Scott This book was sweet and sad at times, I found myself reading it and not able to put it down. I am a huge fan of R.J. Scott and am quite partial to her work I have read quite a few of her books and always love them. The Christmas Throwaway was no different and I actually found it rather sad, and by the end a feel good book.

Zach, oh my god. I felt so sorry for him. The way his parents treated him was appalling. They kicked him out for being gay. He was a great character though and he grew a lot of the course of the book. It was heartwarming to see him grow from a boy into a man. He really just needed a cuddle and I wanted to give that to him. I know, I know, I'm a mother hen, but still he needed it.

Ben, was just a sweetheart. I really felt bad for him, he was trying to fight his feelings for Zach. It was the noble thing to do, but Zach needed him, and I was glad when they finally became a couple after all that time. I was worried for a while that they would not actually become a couple.

Overall another amazing R.J. Scott book :)