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A Better Man

A Better Man - Jaime Reese, R.J. Scott Oh my God, this book was fantastic!

By far one of the sweetest books I have ever read. I have never read a book like it before and I was glad I tried it. A Better man has everything I love in the base of a romance and even more. It has passion and sweet moments, with amazing characters to top it all off. From the first page I was gripped and have never felt so connected to a story. This is about the love that Matt and Julian share, and the two of them dealing with the demons from their pasts. And the two of them coming together and standing side by side.

Julian, was an amazing character. He was just sweet, funny, witty and caring. He was not perfect. His flaws were shown and they were explained which was nice. I loved the glimpses we were told about his past. I felt so sorry for him when he told Matt everything. The reveal of his middle name melted my heart, I almost cried for him. Julian, I believe should have won an award for being such a great guy. I would love to have a man like him as my boyfriend. If I'm honest he was my favourite.

A boner looking for a handyman...

Matt, was a character that grew on me after he started lusting after Julian. Before that I could not connect with him at all. Once the real Matt came out, I was smitten. Not only was he caring and loving, but when he got nervous he was adorable. His past was what helped me to love him the most, but his love for J was another bonus in my eyes. It was hard not to love him, he was just what Julian needed. And Julian was what he needed.

Its Doner, D-O-N-E-R, Doner

J and Matt!
I laughed, I cried and I swooned while reading this book. Its lovely to read a book about tough men that can be kittens when they are in love. I have to say its a must read for me. I would love to read more from these two, maybe a short story. A wedding? Babies? Yes, I'm a sap, but I don't just want new characters, I want more of these two and the marriage and babies is just a suggestion. More cute/hot scenes would be appreciated too. And, I have read it about ten times and counting.

Highly recommend this!!!