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Ethan, Who Loved Carter

Ethan, Who Loved Carter - Ryan Loveless This book was amazing. I fell in love with both Carter and Ethan. Ethan's parents were amazing too, even their decision To tell Ethan he was knocked down by a car, instead of attacked
was forgivable to me because it would have delayed his progress. The story itself was really good. I loved the pace and the simplistic idea the story brought.

Both characters had issues and it was great to see that was shown and they were not "cured" like so many books/movies do. It was so realistic you could see it happening. To me it felt like I knew both of these wonderful men and that they were my friends. The love and admiration I have for their courageous attitudes.

Ethan and Carter were sweet together, I really loved their relationship. It was nice to see them grow and love together. They were good for each other and in some ways understood what the other was going through and needed. Even their first kiss I found sweet. I am an old romantic at heart though.

When I first read the book the blurb I thought I would like the book. The story sounded appealing and I was sure it would be a nice story. What Ryan Loveless did though with this story was better than I could have anticipated. Everything about this book made it a great story. There was nothing I could fault about this book. I would really recommend this book to all fans of mm romances. This will not disappoint you. :)