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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two Sides of the Same Coin - Jake Mactire Oh this book was amazing, it took me a while to read and I regret it now. I loved the characters, the story and the overall feel from the book. Mike and Jeff were such a cute couple and I loved how they interacted even before they got together. It was nice to see the contrast of Jeff the openly gay, and proud character, to Mike the closeted character. One thing I really admired about Mike was he came out because he loved Jeff and really wanted to be with him. I also loved that they were not only lovers, but best friend too, that made this book perfect to me.

Individually the characters were similar, but came from different backgrounds and had different gay experiences. Jeff was such a witty character and it was fun to read that, I loved the way Mike kind of molded to Jeff. The other characters were amazing too, I loved the way it was like reading about a family. Even the characters I hated were well written, the reverend added a lot of humor to the book even though he was a homophobic bigot.

The crime and mystery was nicely done, although I wish the killer had been someone else. It took up half the plot, which made this book more than just a simple romance. The cowboy theme was great, I really have a thing for cowboys which was why I marked this book as to read. Overall this was an amazing book and I really admire Jake Mactire's work. The fact that the characters are real people as well is amazing :)