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Detour - Talia Carmichael Detour, by Talia Charmichael was a book that was funny, sweet and sappy. So be warned if you do not like sappy books then do not read this. I love sappy romances so this was my kind of book. I have to say this is one of those books you will either love or hate. To be honest I cannot remember reading a book like this before, some of it has aspects of other books. But the multiple gay characters is a first for me in a book.

Robert, was a character I loved and found quite adorable at times. He was so naive in many ways it was actually humorous. His and Miguel's relationship had me feeling very happy and sappy. He was intelligent and I loved his family. I laughed in the scene they were introduced.

Miguel, was a very sexy character. He added a great deal of the sappiness to the book. I could picture his sexy accent and loved his family. It was amazing that so many of his family members were gay. A few times I wanted to hug Miguel and smile up at him.

Overall this book was great. As I said, it will not be for everyone so be warned! :)