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Houseboat on the Nile

Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean First in the amazing series!

I found [b:Houseboat on the Nile|13510735|Houseboat on the Nile (Spy vs. Spook, #1)|Tinnean|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1330869572s/13510735.jpg|19064680] almost accidentally. I was searching for a book I had seen a while before and came across this. The blurb drew me in, but for a while I was skeptical because buying a book based on the blurb or cover (which I love) can bite you in the ass. It has done for me several times. However, this was one of those exceptions that I have to talk about.

This book has two POV's. Mark's and Quinn's. Mark is a WBIS agent. He is known as a very cold, hard man who is good at what he does. Even to go as far as lying about his age so they can keep him on. Quinn is CIA and a famous one too. He comes from a family involved with the CIA and guess what. Mark hates Quinn and Quinn hates Mark.

The story begins at a part where the boys meet again. Quinn doesn't know who Mark is though and they end up going their separate ways. Before that they met and their was an attraction. Nothing happens because they hate each other. But you can tell there is something there. Mark has a lot of fun and I laughed at some of his scenes in Quinn's house.

During this book we get two hot tops who don't want to bottom but want each other. If you want to know who wins. Mark does. I loved their relationship. It was snarky and not so romantic, but I loved that it was them. You get a really good start to build on and a relationship that you can see develop. If you like enemies to lovers you will adore this!

Damn Spook!

I could not recommend this enough. It has all the makings of a very good series and for the beginning you have a lot to build on. This is only the beginning of Mark and Quinn and there is so much to love. Whether it be Portia (Quinn's mother) or one of the MC's, you would find something to love.

Highly recommend this series!