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Forever - Tinnean OH GOD, She has done it Tinnean, you genius. I actually loved this book more than the other two. OH MY FUCKIN GOD.

As people can see from my other reviews, I am a huge fan of Tinnean's series. The third book might actually be my favourite. I really don't know though because this entire series is amazing and I find it hard to pin point my favourite book. If I could take all the books and combine them it would make me so happy because I wouldn't have to chose.

We pick up a short time after the end of [b:Not My Spook!|15722956|Not My Spook! (Spy vs. Spook, #2)|Tinnean|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1340701153s/15722956.jpg|21397485]. We get a really great opening scene and the set up of the book was brilliant. I loved the returning of a hated character and Portia's car crash! It kept me on edge wondering what would happen next. Of course Mark's job was brought into it in a big way and the way he and Quinn were affected by this. It was also nice to see Mark in action. I adore him, and sometimes wish his job was a bigger part.

The relationship was brought into the story well. You can feel so much and yet we know both Mark and Quinn have something against confessing their feelings. Their relationship was strengthened and we saw a bit of jealousy from Quinn. I loved that and how we got to see how much Mark really means to him. I think he's starting to see he's in love with Mark. Mark might take some more time, but what can you do?

My heart was in my throat during a certain brief return of a non-character. I was really jumping up and down when I read it. But if you are a fan of the series you will do that too. It takes so much not to love this series and so far, I have loved every book that has been released in this series. People need to read it!

This is a must read series for me!