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The Desire for Dearborne

The Desire for Dearborne - V.B. Kildaire This book was really good and the couple it was based on were really good together and I loved both Leander and Julien together. One of the problems was the book in parts was a bit boring and the evil character was not much of a shock. Nothing in this book was for me which is why I was disappointed with it and marked it down one star. The story was really good though and if there had been at least one shock in this book it would be five stars but it was predictable. I really loved Leander and how he was around Julien was nothing short of adorable. Julien was a good match for Leander and I loved the way he felt protective over him. He was a bit of an ass in places though and it put me off ever so slightly. I loved his aunt and she was a refreshing character especially for historical romances. I say give this book a shot but be warned about the fact it drags a bit and has no real shocks in it. :)