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Chase the Stars

Chase the Stars - Ariel Tachna Chase the Stars is the sequel to [b:Inherit the Sky|13425835|Inherit the Sky (Lang Downs, #1)|Ariel Tachna|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355914771s/13425835.jpg|18908524]. I loved the first book, and while this was not as good it was still really good for a sequel. I enjoyed seeing Macklin and Caine again. We also got a peek at their characters relationship as it grew, which is always good in a book.

The story starts with some of the Lang Downs men eating when a kid (Seth) shouts about how his brother is getting attacked. From there we get introduced to Chris. He's gay and looking after his younger brother. The story goes on from there and we watch Chris heal and meet Jesse. One of the station hands. I was into the couple, but I would have preferred it had they been a bit more romantic? Okay, I would have preferred it if they had admitted their feelings.

The story has a few twists, and we even got to see Caine's parents again. Plus we had some fun with Caine's mom and Macklin/Caine which was nice. I loved the scene where she got them to dance together. That just made my day with this story, as well as Macklin letting Caine top for the first time.

I would highly recommend this series. I have enjoyed the first two books and I cannot wait to read the third book a sequel.

Recommend it!