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Latakia - J.F.  Smith This book was frickin amazing. Matt and Travis forever. :)

Latakia is an amazing book. I just had to say I think this is in my top ten books ever. No kidding, it was so frickin good. We have hot marines, funny characters, hot characters and some very good characters in general. Of course a good book wouldn't be this amazing without a villain. Yes Brian, I am looking at you! I have kicked myself for months for putting off reading this book.

I loved the two MC's. Matt and Mope (Travis), the two of them had great chemistry and it was not an overly steamy book. In fact there were no graphic sex scenes. I know people may wonder how this was so good then, but what was lacking in sex was made up for in story. The couples journey was perfect and I wouldn't have changed that.

I was nervous about this, because as the blurb reveals, Matt had a boyfriend in the beginning. The issue was dealt with in a way that had me glad to see him gone. After a couple of scenes I wanted to punch something when he popped up in a scene. In my opinion, he was in way too many scenes for me. It's not that I hate knowing a character has had boyfriends in the past. But he was a cocky, arrogant prick. An example of that.

Brian scowled and cut in, “We're not done, Matt. You may think we’re done, but I don't think we're done. I still want to talk about this and we're going to…”
“No WE aren't, Brian. It’s over. There’s nothing else…”
“Yes, there is, Matt! Christ, you can be so stupid sometimes,” said Brian, forcefully.

Pretty major spoiler > He cheated on Matt and expected them to stay together. See the quote above.

One of my favourite characters was Petey. He was great with Matt and even though I thought at first I would hate him, he soon became one of my favourite characters. His place in my heart is beside Matt and Mope. He was a very important character and made me want to read faster and I am a fast reader! That will tell you why I loved him, he was funny too which was good.

The plot was really good and I have a major thing for marines. The story was about Matt getting kidnapped and Mope, Petey and their team saved him. It started one of the books I have ever read. The plot might have had a couple of issues, I don't care though. Fuck plot holes this book was fanfuckingtastic! There is nothing better than watching two characters fall in love and building something wonderful together. And that is exactly what happened here. I watched two characters I loved fall in love and start a life together.

I know this book won't be for everyone, and if you need sex in a book it won't be for you. What I can promise is that I will put my hand over my heart and say I loved this book and could read it again and again without getting bored. People may wonder how I loved it when they know my pet peeves. But the author had me rooting for the MC's. He made me want cheating - which has never happened before - so I knew this was going to be a five star read.

Read this book!