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Sing! - Reno MacLeod, Jaye Valentine This was a really sweet book. But be warned there is insta-love here. But I actually fell in love with this book so I was not to bothered. The story and the characters were amazing. I really loved Logan. I get all hot over a lovely southern character. And he was just all Mr. Possessive over Nick and I loved that.

There is a bit of drama, but I expected the ending. Well sort of, how things worked out pretty much added up in my head. I hated Cameron and Brittney from the beginning. I knew they were up to no good, and when the big reveal happened I could not stop smiling. It just made me so so happy that they got their comeuppance.

The story has a nice pace to it, for me anyway. But it might not be for everyone. This book has a lot of cliche parts and it will put some people off. But the characters were good and well developed and I just loved the couple. I found them to be adorable.

It's not really a heavily sexed up book. There are a few sex scenes in it, but not a load of them. One of the nicest books that had a break-up in it in a while. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes stories with competitions and cute romances

Rating gone down because of the sequel...