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The Law of Desire

The Law of Desire - Talia Carmichael The Law of Desire is the first book in Talia Carmichael's Encounters series. It's a really strong, funny start, with two amazing MC's and a solid plot. Ms. Carmichael develops some amazing worlds in her books, and most of them have a lot of gay men. They tend to be very family orientated with very little homophobia. Of course books have bad guys, but this wasn't one that was littered with them. In fact, it was probably one of the easiest reads.

Brian Holmes and Vic Masterson meet at a shootout. What started as a snarky relationship developed because of mutual attraction. Brian, a fireman, and Vic, a cowboy, had some really great chemistry. They were shared some good banter in the beginning and they weren't overly sweet or sappy. The two came from loving, accepting families that loved them. Vic still lived and worked with his family and he has some gay relatives.

The conflict in the book - which was a complaint filed against Brian - didn't turn into a huge drama. It was placed nicely in the story and was resolved without any life-threatening injuries. It also added some humor to it. Being accused of having several men on the go, organising orgies, etc... All while his dad and Vic's dad, did make me laugh.

This series is like the Something In Common series by the author. She has gay men and straight men in this book. They work together and socialise together. We met Nate and Kevin - the couple in book two - here. The characters are all part of the overall story and most of them will probably have their own books. But as a first couple, these two were really good. Both men made a nice couple and had some great interactions with secondary characters.

If you are a fan of this author, this series will be for you. But if you want to try something new, maybe you should give this one a go. The series is just something easy to read if you don't like a lot of drama or angst.