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Heartwood - Emily Carrington Okay so this book was really really emotional and I mean in a good way. This book was a beautiful story filled with abuse, love, passion and two wonderful protagonists. The story has a lot of history in it and some of the major events happen before the book. This is a good thing because the book is quite dark and does not need to be any darker than it already is. My first impressions of this book were different than after I had read it. The story has a lot more dept and the characters were easier to love. Aidan and Mike were such good characters and had a lot in common without it appearing that way from the outside.
It was only when you dig deep in to both of these amazing characters that you really see how much alike they are and the love they both have for each other. This book has left me with such a warm feeling inside that I cannot describe properly.

Be warned this book is not for everyone so it might not be for you. :)