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Long Tall Drink

Long Tall Drink - L.C. Chase This was a really great read. I have a thing for hot cowboys and this was such a great read. I loved Ray and Travis, both of them struggled in different ways but in the end they got their HEA. My favorite character though would have to be Dot. She was such a funny character and I loved the old woman, she added a lot of fun to this book.

when she shot at the guys who were about to attack Travis, I could not help but laugh. And then at the end in the hospital it was just a great scene. The way she put Ray in his place I loved it. Her funnies line was Of course, I won the pot. I swear. Men will never learn not to bet against ole Dot McCray.”

Overall this was a really great book. I would love if there could be a sequel to see how Ray and Travis get on :)