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Truth in the Dark

Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane This was one of those books that you read that stay with you forever. Neaf was born "disfigured" and has grown up being tortured by the people of his Island. His mother and sister both do their best for him, but it still does not stop the hate brewing inside of him.

My time reading this book I found myself looking at what he saw, then what his family and Aerie-Smith. They see a man who has a heart of gold that is hidden beneath the hurt and pain he feels.

Amy Lane did an amazing job of writing this book and the characters and developing a beautiful story. Its a dark story, but sometimes beauty comes from the inside and not the outside. Truth in the Dark is a testament to that fact. So is Naef and I for one would be happy to say I loved this book.

Things I loved about this book

- The pace, it was not too fast or too slow!
- The amazing characters!
- It was very well written!
- A HEA ending that did not disappoint!

I will mark this as a must read and say that it will not disappoint you. It took me ages to decide to read this book and I regret it took me so long :)