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Worth the Coming Home

Worth the Coming Home - Lisa M. Owens 2.5 stars rounded up!

So after my first review I realised I wanted to do better. It was originally 4 stars rounded up, but it didn't feel right. So I re-read most of this and took some notes. Looking back I was wrong to be as kind as I was. It was an okay read, we all have different tastes. But for me this book was not what I wanted or was expecting.

The blurb describes part of the story fairly well. Josh never met Dane, but he knew of him from his brother. It's a simple enough thing and kind of cliche I guess. That part was good, it was nice that they knew of each other before everything. Then they meet and there is an attraction. I could sort of feel it, but I was not into it. One issue is Josh's fuck buddy. It doesn't appear to be one, but eventually it does become one.

The relationship between Dante and Josh was not healthy. In the beginning it was bordering on abusive. Of course it was BDSM, so maybe that contributed to my feelings. I didn't like the MC's, which is a huge issue for me. The only characters I did like were the aunt and uncle. Let's face it, when you have 6 characters and the two you like are not the MC's there is a problem somewhere.

One of my main irritations. Sarah and Josh are best friends, people presume they're dating. Sarah likes Jesse (the brother) and eventually they end up going out. Considering the way Jesse treated Josh, I couldn't see how she was able to like him. I felt like she was a bad friend. Plus Josh wasn't happy with it. I also feel like PTSD should be done with a bit less violence. Not everyone is violent like this with it, fair enough not everyone is the same. But it would be nice to see someone less violent with it. Especially when they are awake.

I loved the epilogue. Take out all the chapters and leave the epilogue and you have a nice, maybe even funny scene. But with the rest of the story it does not work well. Of course I'm not like most people and maybe others will hate it.

Can't really recommend it, but give it a go if you want!