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Kieran & Drew

Kieran & Drew - L.A. Gilbert Kieran and Drew is really cute sweet story. I loved this book. Both MC's were sweet and confused. I wanted to wrap them in a hug and squeeze them to death. I found myself laughing sometimes and worried other times. I was emotional especially closer to the end of the book. I never cry at books but emotional I can get and this had me anxious. If I could give this 10 stars I would.

Kieran was the "different" character. He dressed differently and had no friends. I found him to be easy to like. He was different and that appealed to me. His dad's secret was not a hard one for me to guess. It became kind of easy to guess after a while. I had to laugh when it all came out. His dad's "girlfriend" was a hoot.

Drew, I felt sorry for him. He had to deal with a lot and it was not made any easier by his father. His mother's struggles became his and it was harder for him, I loved how the author wrote Drew. He could have been the biggest ass of all. Instead he was a sweetheart. I really loved him, but I connected with Kieran better.

I loved Matt and Drew's mom and eventually Kieran's dad. The secondary characters helped to make this story as nice as it was. The two MC's stole my heart though. I have a special little place for them. I would love to see a sequel. But I would be happy to have it end the way it did. I love stories that end well.

Highly recommend this!