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As Meat Loves Salt

As Meat Loves Salt - Maria McCann This book is not for everyone. I was one of those people but it gets 3 stars for the following reasons.

- It very well written!
- It was realistic!
- Some parts of the story were okay!

I have no doubt some people will love this book. There was just so much heartbreak and misery for me to like this book. This book does not have a HEA ending. I was rather disappointed by the ending.

When I started reading this book I believed it would have a decent romance in it. This was not the story, however there was romance of sorts. It was not a love story that had a nice ending.

If I could say one thing for this book it was that the author wrote it amazingly well. Maria McCann has a real talent for writing and I might try one of her other books some time :)