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Riding With Heaven

Riding With Heaven - L.C. Chase I fucking loved this book, it was just amazingly hot and sweet. Evan & Lucas Forever

For me this was a personal favourite of mine. I know it might not be everyone's thing. Some may call it cliche or too dramatic. For me it was absolutely amazing and I am so happy I got the chance to read this book. As an MM fan, it's great to read books like this. It has a story line and it has the sappy, sweet edge to it that makes the book lovable in my eyes.

Evan needs to get home and offers to travel cross country with someone in order to do so. He doesn't expect to fall in lust with Luca, the driver. However, thing don't go quite so straight forward. From the beginning to the near end, Lucas was evasive to who and what he was. At one point Evan thinks the wrong thing which lands them both in trouble. For me anyway, it was quite obvious who Lucas was. But then again maybe it was just me.

The murder aspect was nice. Then we had the secret revealed. Luca is the cop who put the murderer away. Though that comes later we do get to find out one thing about Evan that could change the way you see him as a character. Of course not everyone will see him the same way I did, but I loved both MC's and that made for a very enjoyable read.

Overall this was a really enjoyable read. I love the sex scenes and the banter between the characters. Even the sweeter moments weren't the most sugary sweet. It was all very fitting with the book and that's what I enjoyed as well as the rest of the story. Greedily, I would love a sequel.

Highly recommend this book!