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Nowhere Diner: Finding Love

Nowhere Diner: Finding Love - T.A. Chase This was a nice book, I loved Bernie's character. Tim's character was okay but his comparisons of Bernie to Aaron annoyed me to no end. The fact he was so hung up on Aaron was frustrating to me because he was a jerk and an ass. I really hated Aaron's character in it, then the fact he kept popping up.

When the book started I found it difficult to get into the story. It fell a bit flat for me. I only got interested when Bernie was introduced into the book. Tim and Bernie's relationship developed quickly and even though they were an okay couple. I would not say their relationship was the main aspect of this book.

As the story progressed I found myself liking the story even more. Some part still did not connect with me but overall it was an alright story. Can I say I loved the book? No. Can I say I hated the book? No. The easiest way to describe the book was that it was okay and I liked it. :)