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Life Begins at Forty

Life Begins at Forty - Jessie Blackwood Life Begins at Forty is the sequel to Per Ardua. It was another amazing book by Jessie Blackwell and I have to say the catch up with Jack and Ifan was good. Miss Blackwood does an amazing job with this story and the couple also. This book takes place just after the epilogue of Per Ardua and it shows the struggle of being gay in the 1940's/1950's. Again in this book I found myself unable to put down the book until I had it completed.
I still love both Jack and Ifan. The courage they showed in this book made me love them even more. Their relationship is a mature one, where they both work to fix their problems. When I first discovered this series I had not expected to become completely devoted to the well being of the characters and the story itself.
This shows Miss Blackwood's ability as an author. She is able to write the perfect balance in a story while not over loading her readers. I would love to read another book on this couple and plan to re-read both books again in the future. :)