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Per Ardua

Per Ardua - Jessie Blackwood This book was a beautiful read. It kept me reading straight through until the very end, and then I wanted more. Per Ardua shows not only the relationship between Jack and Ifan, but the power of love, family and war. The story was not a quick fix book, when a problem arose it was realistic in dealing with the issues. This is very rarely done in a book and I appreciate it when the author does this. I feel that a book should stick with either realistic and unrealistic. This book was realistic for me.
I admired both characters quite a bit and loved the strength their love held. When I first was introduced to Ifan, he appeared to be a some what simple character. One who would not be able to accept the fact he was gay. My assumption was wrong as he grew more and more throughout the book. It came as a shock to me when he did accept himself. He pulled through for Jack when he needed him.
Jack was a character who had a hard past. One filled with death and the loss of love. I normally hate when a character has lost a lover because I normally find they compare the loves. Jessie Blackwood dealt with that topic very well for me. She did not shy away from it, but it was not a major part of the story either. Also the lost love was not actually in the book. So we did not get to meet him. I really felt sorry for Jack when he was struggling.
The book is not plain sailing nor is it complicated. It is a story of love and war. Both shown well and both during a time being gay was illegal and punishable. Jessie Blackwell has written a sequel to Per Ardua and I shall read it after this.
I highly recommend this book for fans of mm romance. This will not disappoint you. :)