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Into the Woods

Into the Woods - M.L. Rhodes This book was the gay, paranormal version of Romeo and Juliet. When I started reading this book I was unsure how much I would like it. I am not really into the whole paranormal romance genre. But to my pleasant surprise I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were a few small errors with it, but overall it was a great read.

Shaun and Rannon were such a great couple in this book. Their history made this book even better. I just loved how they came together even after all the time they had been apart. Sometimes you would never have guessed they were apart for 15 years.

I loved both characters and they were both well written and described very well. Neither had the greatest childhood and both had struggles with who and what they were. Rannon dealt better with his issues than Shaun though, but then again he had more time to come to terms with everything because he always knew.

This book developed well and was just the right length. The HEA was well deserved and I feel at peace with the ending. I highly recommend this book :)