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An Immovable Solitude

An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley 1.5 stars, I hated this book. I never want to read it again!

This book was not a favourite of mine to be honest. It is a highly recommended book and has been described as beautiful. I would not be able to describe this book as beautiful. When I started it, I believed that I would love it. But as I read it I found myself frustrated and annoyed at the characters.

Erik and Kelley were a couple for 3 years when Kelly just leaves one day. That really annoyed me as you get to see them as a couple just before Kelly left. Add to that he had planned to leave Erik and everyone knew! That was just like WTF for me. Erik then sleeps with guys to try and get over Kelly. It never works and he pines over him.

Then when Kelly comes back they get back together and to me it seemed very quick. Erik has more or less "forgiven him". And Kelley gets jealous when Erik admits to sleeping with other men. Another WTF moment for me. Then when Kelley's sister dies Erik leaves and again they get back together.

This book reminded me of a yo-yo. It just kept going back and forward and back and forward. Definitely not one of my favourite books ever. Although I will admit the book was very well written. It also had so much potential to break my heart.

When I read most of the reviews I wonder am I one of very few who do not love this book. All I can say is try it for yourself you might enjoy this book. I however will never read it again. :)