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Me and Mine

Me and Mine - Sarah Goodwin, Victoria Moule After reading Captive Prince volumes one and two. I read this. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. The book was okay. There was some emotion. I didn't love or hate the writing. I was just not into the book. It's a decent length and it got the story told. But I was not able to feel this story. Does that make sense? It had feeling and emotion, I'm sure. But I did not personally feel it.

I'm sure this book will be for some as it won't be for others. Religion and bigotry are kinda huge aspects of this story. I am all for religion done well. But... for me, this was not done what I would call properly. It was more preachy and just not to my taste. Though, the read overall was adequate.

I will recommend this for people who don't mind religion and bigotry in books. Religion being the main theme that could be unpopular.