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The Nobleman and the Spy

The Nobleman and the Spy - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon I loved this book so much. A great historical mm romance book. I would have to say I think this is one of the best I have read so far. The story itself was very good and well thought out. I found myself wondering who was good and who was bad. The pace of the book was good too, I loved the way we caught a glimpse of how they knew each other.

Both characters were strong, and both had something that I loved. Karl was interesting to me, he was very flamboyant and not afraid to show it either. Even though back in the 1800's being gay was illegal. His character I fell in love with quite quickly. He was also a very trusting person, and even though it almost got him killed he still trusts.

Jonathan was another character altogether. He was a very independent character and he was also very unemotional. I admired his inner torture throughout this book, he struggled and fought with his emotions, but the end result was very nice. I had a deeper connection to him, and a better understanding of his thoughts, actions and feelings.

Overall I would say this book is worth a read, for everyone who is a fan of mm historical romances. :)