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The Missing Butterfly

The Missing Butterfly - Megan Derr I loved this book......... I wish it had been longer, but what are you gonna do. When it started I was in love with Cassidy, he was such a good person, taking his siblings after their parents died and leaving his band. The way he developed through the story was nice, he grew into his confidence with Malcolm. I found myself wondering how he went from bad ass, to scared little boy in a few pages. Then when he told the story of social services trying to take the kids it all made sense.

Malcolm was another great character, I found myself in love with him almost immediately. The way he lusted after Cassidy and never said anything to him. Then with the whole Jonathan thing..... I laughed my head off when he made that discovery.

Both characters had families that I loved, although Cassidy's won out for me in the end. His brother and sister just adored him so much. I really hope there will be more books, hopefully longer. Now I am going to read the next two short books. :)