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No Fear

No Fear - S.J. Frost No Fear the sequel to Conquest has everything the first book had and more. With the added bonus of a HEA for Jesse and Evan. Without a doubt these two books and this couple have stolen my heart and firmly placed themselves as a top ten favourite couple of mine. Its hard for me not to love such a sweet and sappy couple, but they have issues and that makes it better in a sense.

Jesse in this book has not changed. He is still possessive and still is opinionated and still wants Evan all of the time. But how he has changed is not as easy to read as some people would like. In this book some things hit him, and he struggles to deal with them. The main one involving Evan. But also one has to do with Brandon, and his relationship with his brother. That was tested a couple of times in this book and he was not used to that. Jesse has transformed over the books, and is now more mature and able to accept and work with certain things. It was nice to see.

Evan is still pretty much the same, but in a way took some of Jesse's spunk and ended up a lot like Jesse in this book. It was funny to see because he reminded me of a teacher in the first one. But now he has relaxed and become somewhat reckless. One point in the book I was so so pissed with him, but his guilt was obvious and all was forgiven (after a while). That's the thing you get to see his temper in this book and it was a shock.

Overall, I love this couple and the first two conquest books. A must read and I highly recommend it. :)