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Skylar's Salvation

Skylar's Salvation - Nicole Dennis A Beautiful and Heart-Wrenching Story.

Skylar's Salvation is a beautiful and gripping story. I did not believe this book would be as amazingly true as it was. Its hard not to describe this as heart-wrenching. This book is just so brutally honest about Schizophrenia, it show's the hardships of dealing with it. The book is shorter than I would have liked, but it was still amazing.

The relationship that developed between Ben and Skylar was something that during this book made me a bit uneasy. Although the fact that nothing sexual happened while Skylar was suffering made me feel so much better. I have never read a book that dealt with Schizophrenia. I know a few things about it, but have no first hand or personal experience with it.

Sometimes in this book I wanted to cry for Skylar. He was one of the innocent's who had no one in life. Until Ben came along and he was just perfect for Skylar. Never have I been so happy to read a book with such little intimacy. There are no sex scenes in this book at all. But by the end they are about to.

I will warn people who want to read this book that it contains more than just a romance involving someone with a mental illness. It also explains how some mental health patients are abused and abandoned. But that it only takes one special person for things to change for those people that are ill.

This was the first book by Nicole Dennis, and I have to admit I love her already. She had done a wonderful job with this book. I just wish it had been longer. But hopefully she might write a sequel so we can see what happened with Skylar and Ben. But if she doesn't I will be happy to know they are together and learning to live with whatever life throws their way. :)