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Luke's Present

Luke's Present - Sue  Brown I Love Luke & Simon, They Are Perfect Together

When I saw this book I got so excited, I was so happy at the though of Luke and Simon getting married. It was kind of disappointing that they could not legally marry. But this was still beautiful and emotional and a must read for me.

Luke and Simon have been my favourite couple in this series. I have loved them from the very first page of the very first book. And in this we got to see the main focus on them again. I will always hope for more of this couple.

In this book there is a bit of drama, and some tears spilled and some hurt shared. But at the end of the day, Simon and Luke love each other enough to work at their issues. And thing do right themselves. Even with Luke's operation, that was a nice aspect. Him and Simon before and after.

There was no real quick fix of issues in this book, the operation did not fix Luke like they thought it would. And the issue of marriage was compromised not fixed. It was nice to read about this wonderful couple again.

I love this series and I really hope Sue Brown writes more of these books in the future. Especially Luke and Simon ones. The ending in this was really sweet. And the vows were incredible. So I will encourage all Luke and Simon fans to read this.