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Breaking Logan's Laws

Breaking Logan's Laws - Cameron Dane Logan and Nate, let me just say HOT HOT HOT. That is how I would describe this couple and this book. It was emotional and gritty and I sympathized with both MC's at some point, boy though they were hot. This was the longest book in the series so far and I found myself wanting it to be longer. This is a first for me, I loved another couple in a series where I loved the original. Normally I hate it and it gets 3 or 4 stars. But this couple just blew me away and I am so so glad I took the chance to read such an amazing book. Both characters have past's and both have been in tough situations, but they also know each other well enough to break the walls that were built. At no point did I doubt Logan loved Nate and Nate loved Logan. It was just there and so obvious that I wanted to scream towards the end of the book, I wanted to cry my eyes out there and my heart was in my chest. Another great book by Cameron Dane and I hope there will be more in the series :)