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New York Christmas

New York Christmas - R.J. Scott This was a really sweet story. It was short but I did not mind because everything was covered. Although I would love to see this couple again. I think they deserve to be brought to life again. R.J. Scott is a personal favourite author of mine, I love her work and have read quite a few things from her.

New York Christmas, is about Chris and Daniel. They met in college and kissed once. But Chris was older and graduated. Daniel had been a slut and did not believe he deserved Chris. So they had not seen each other in years. In this book Daniel tracks down Chris and they meet up again.

I loved the pace of the story and found it incredibly sweet. Both characters were well written and I loved reading about them. The ending was the sweetest bit. I admit Daniel was just adorable to me, I loved his character.

Another great book by the amazing R.J. Scott, she is an amazing author. I recommend this book. :)