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Seizing It

Seizing It - Chris T. Kat I absolutely loved this book. It was one of those books that I liked. I will warn that this is insta-love so it may not be for some people. When you read this book, you may or may not like. Some things are just dependent on personal taste as a reader more than this book being good or bad. I have never read a book by Chris T. Kat before and I would definitely be interested in reading another one.

Nikita, "Kit", was the narrator of the book. He was an epileptic who had been in a few abusive relationships and had a bit of a temper problem. He was scarred both by his past and his present in the sense that he was left feeling week. It made if defensive and also quite scared of people. I could sympathies with his character. He had a rough time and it did not help him in life.

Dale, was kind of a hero for me. He was a sweet character, and he was a true gentleman. His character was polar opposite of Kit's and he was also the polar opposite of guys that Kit used to date. One of the things that did annoy me a slight bit about this book is we learned next to nothing about Dale. I mean we knew Kit had a brother, sister and father. And that his mother died when he was 4. That was a small thing though.

Kit and Dale's relationship only last's three day's in the book. The book spans just under a week, which may put some people off. Like I said its all about personal taste. I loved the way it did develop and grew within the few days it was written. Dale stood by Kit when Kit needed him and that really warmed my heart. Even if Kit was pushing Dale away from time to time.

Overall I would highly recommend this book. It was a nice read and has a somewhat sweet romance in it. There is only one sex scene but that was one of the nice things about this book. And the relationship was that and became a nicer part to a sometimes heavy story. :)