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From Out in the Cold

From Out in the Cold - L.A. Witt This is one of those sad books that you so want to turn around and become happy. The blurb does not describe this book well enough. There are a few flashbacks but not a whole lot. The story itself is in the present but has a lot of the past twisted in. Sometimes in flashbacks other times just from a character talking about it.

The reason this book is getting 4 stars instead of 5 is because as much as I loved the story. I could not get past Bruce being brought up so much. One thing that annoyed me was Neil was afraid of replacing him or overwriting him in his life. And then the realization is that what he had with Bruce was to get over Jeremy. So it kind of made me think does that mean he was not truly in love with Bruce? After hearing so much about how he loved him, is all that being overwritten?

Normally when there is a dead partner it annoys me. For the very reason I hate the "we would have been together if he was still alive". That really just irks me because I want to read about the current romance and not about the old one, that should have still been. I understand that some people do lose the people they love, but relationships should not be dragged down by a dead person.

I loved Jeremy, he was the character I had a better connection with and I was so glad he was here. He was a great guy and I wanted to bitch slap his parents, several times. I loved how he was so supportive of Neil, when some guys would have walked away. And he helped keep Bruce's memory alive, I admired him for that. It's something I imagine was difficult for him, but he still managed to do that.

This book is difficult for me. Jeremy is the reason I am giving this book four stars, and the only reason I liked the book. He was a wonderful character and made me love this story. I loved the reunited first loves theme. Even if it did involve one of my pet peeves.