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More Than This

More Than This - Lissa Matthews I loved this couple and the story blew me away. It reminds me so much of what family truly means.

Wow, this book was just WOW. When I found out about this book I expected it to be 3 or 4 stars for me, instead it was a very easy and worthy 5 stars. I fell in love with this book from the first page and could not stop reading until I had finished it.

Adam and Josh were just amazing together. They both fought their feelings for each other and eventually they found their way. Normally I want a book to show an actual relationship for a bit in the book. But to me this couple was a couple before they realized they were.

This book is not about sex, its about love. About falling in love hard and being afraid to do anything about it. Some people might find this book frustrating. I was not one of those. I found this to be just a sweet simple read. It made me feel all Christmassy because it was not just a romance. It was about family and being truly happy.

I loved both Josh and Adam's families. They were amazing and so supportive. I wish my family was like theirs. They were great secondary characters and helped make this story so wonderful and full fulling for me.

This was the first Lissa Matthews book I have ever read. But from reading this one I cannot wait to read more. She did an amazing job with this book. And has really gotten me in the Christmas spirit. Which is a great thing because it is so close to Christmas.

A must read book, its one of the best ones of its kind I have ever read. :)