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Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms - Kendall McKenna I really love hot military romances. This gave me that and one scorching hot sex scene. I loved this book and even with all the military talk and confusing shit I was so into this. I found I could learn a lot of the marine talk if I paid very close attention to it here. Possibly a problem for some, for me Nah.

Jonah was the MC here. In fact the love interest although mentioned did not pop up until later on in the story. Jonah was everything I wanted him to be. His character was really very sexy and he really popped out at me. So much so I built a nice picture in my head of him. I loved the way he was in love through the book without realising it.

Kellan took ages to actually appear and I was afraid when he did that I wouldn't like him. I was wrong, I loved him and his relationship with Jonah left me wanting more. Of the two characters he was probably the more friendly and affectionate. Most likely having to do with the fact is he's no longer an active marine.

The plot is heavy war and the romance kind of comes second in the beginning. We know of Jonah's desire to be with Kellan and it doesn't take long to figure out that is entirely mutual. I was surprised to read such a heavy military themed book that I enjoyed, but I really did and found that the romance was done to perfection.

Highly recommend this book!