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No Commitment Necessary

No Commitment Necessary - Talia Carmichael No Commitment Necessary is the second book in Talia Carmichael's series. The second books takes places immediately after the first book and it has a new couple and a different storyline, but it reflects what happened in book one two. We get more clarity on characters and situations brought up in book one. And it was another easy read. But it wasn't as easy as book one. There were a few serious and sad moments in the book.

Kevin Matthews and Nate Bailey have known each other for a while. Each is attracted to the other, but Kevin is the only one willing to admit he wants Nate. With Nate, there's a hidden battle in his head. He wants Kevin, but he doesn't want to have a serious relationship. And that caused some tension between the MC's. Especially when Nate thinks Kevin is being reckless. It was funny to see the two men come together, but first they had to do the fuck buddies thing.

Kevin's family life was just... Well, it definitely wasn't like Brian's or Vic's from book one. His family was fucked up - his brother especially - and that lead to a lot of trouble for Kevin. When I tried to see the similarities between Kevin, his dad, and his brother, I just couldn't. Kevin was a really great guy and he had been tormented by these two assholes. His dad even attacked him! But what his brother did was even worse.

It took time for Kevin and Nate to become a real couple, but they were sweet together. There was nothing I could really complain about, but I would like another book for these two, or even a short story. I loved how it ended, but I really would love to see these two as a more established couple. They didn't get as much time as Brian and Vic did in that respect.

Again, recommended to fans of the author or fans of the first book.