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Frat House Troopers

Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne This book was fucking HOT.

Personally I loved this book. It was hot, sweet and funny. So I found it hard not to love it. I especially loved the friends to lovers aspect of the story. It did throw me a bit in the beginning, but I just fell so hard after a while I could not help love this.

Brandt and Donelly were such a cute but hot couple. I loved their first kiss and their first time. It was all done really nicely and the ending was just so sweet. I did not think they would get together for ages, but when they did it was HOT.

The comedy in this book was great. I loved how I could laugh at certain scenes in this book and not have to worry about sadness coming in eventually. I love a good humor book every once in a while and this one ticked that box for me.

One of my favourite scenes was the bathtub scene and from then on anything could have happened (well almost)and this book would have gotten 5 stars. I really really loved this book. That scene I just had such a girl moment it was unreal.

I would highly recommend this book. It was super hot, super funny and gave me that girly moment. I would give this 10 stars if I could. Cannot wait to read more from the author. :)