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Mannies Incorporated

Mannies Incorporated - Sean Michael I really did enjoy this story. It was such a brilliant read for me and I loved the sweetness of the couple. The issue I had with this was Drake never said the three words that Slayde had said so many times. I was a bit lost when he was admitting it internally and not saying it out loud. I had to wonder if I skipped part of the story.

Saying that though, I did love both the MC's. The kids were adorable and I loved Mindy. I thought the contrast between the men was good and I just adored the sweet sappy moments they had in this book. Especially when it came to the kids. It really did melt my hear a couple of times. Even when they were bickering I found it cute.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a sappy read. Beware if sappy is not your thing. :)